Teatro came into existence on a rain-soaked Wednesday afternoon in 2011.  Alan had recently left his position as Regional Programme Manager for the National Youth Theatre. With a wish to still continue working with theatre, whilst filling a gap in the market, an idea was born.

It occurred to him there weren’t many avenues available for just anyone with a love of theatre, to gain skills from someone like himself – a professional actor/director from the Royal Shakespeare Company.There should be a place those who want to act, but do not want to join the local Am Dram, can reach out to. Surely he could create this space!

In November of 2011 Teatro was approached to partner with the Royal Spa Theatre and to be their Education, Outreach and Community Arm. Teatro had finally found its feet, a home and a secure future. We are now a strong organisation with charitable status. Proudly working with a large group of adults and young people through our Adult Classes and Youth Theatre, in a life-affirming and joyous activity.

The Team

  • Alan Gill

    Born in Liverpool Alan started his career over 30 years ago at Liverpool Playhouse before becoming a member of the National Youth Theatre appearing in their wonderful award winning production Zigger Zagger.

  • Gary Lewis

    Biography coming soon...

  • Steph Wilkins

    Stephanie hails from Chichester but studied acting and musical theatre at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and studied improvisation at the prestigious UCB.

  • Simon Kemp

    For the last 6 years Simon has led SHOUT, the Stratford-based choir with some 40 singers and a five-piece band, playing and performing uplifting soul, funk, and pop music.