The Acting Factory is designed to bridge the gap between those waiting for new classes to begin and those who would like to build a skill base for the future.  These classes are free standing one off practical workshops but can be combined to form a more comprehensive overview

Theatre Games

  • Why play them
  • Unlocking Potential
  • Facing inhibitions
  • Do we take things too seriously?

Professional/Amateur – is there a difference?

  • Approaches to Acting – amateur/professional
  • Movement/Breathing/Vocal Technique
  • Intro to Stanislavski
  • Body Language

Improvisation – how do I do it?

  • I hate it/I love it
  • Imagination and feeling free
  • A real sense of fun and creativity
  • We all do it

Singing/Musical Theatre

  • We all have a voice
  • Singing is good for us
  • Get to grips with harmony
  • Music Theatre selections


  • Without him we’d all be …….
  • The Method?
  • Chekhov/Ibsen/Pinter texts/subtexts
  • A little knowledge…….is a very good thing!


  • Love it/hate it/ I just don’t understand it
  • Blank verse and prose
  • Unlocking the text and finding the truth
  • If music be the food of love – let’s have a banquet!