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“I’m loving Teatro – my only regret is that it isn’t on more than once a week!  I’ve always thought of myself as quite a shy person, but am really enjoying stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something different.  It’s very liberating!”   Maddie

 “I am really enjoying the experience. I love words and music so am loving all aspects of what we are doing.” Caroline

“It has totally changed my life!”  Tudor

“How to say everything that I feel about Teatro in a paragraph? I don’t think it’s possible. Teatro is… amazing… it means so much to me. I’m a very different person to when I joined a year and a half ago…. I’ve found a strength and confidence that I didn’t believe was possible… strength to change things in my personal life, confidence that I can take into my professional life and belief in myself to say yes to opportunities… and a place, a group of people, that feels like home. Working with Teatro has given me this… through a cocktail of wonderful, sometimes scary, always exhilarating, opportunities, experiences and exercises, but also knowing that there’s this amazing group of people that will support one another and provide a safe place to try out almost anything. Teatro has changed my life… the people I’ve met, the experiences we’ve shared, the doors that have opened. If friends are the family that you choose, then I chose extremely well last May when I walked into the practice studio for my first session. Carpe diem x “   Rachel